Welfare System

【Enhanced Leave Benefits】
【 Caring Welfare System and Life Care】
【Compensation System ◆ Talent Focus】
【Performance bonuses】
【Comprehensive talent development】
【High-quality/friendly working environment】

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The team is steadily advancing towards the development of technologies in areas such as cloud computing, mobile applications, social networks, and big data. By integrating the concepts of software, hardware, and services, we aim to provide comprehensive and innovative healthcare information application solutions. Our focus lies in delivering innovative services in hospital information and communication technology, cloud-based healthcare information systems, mobile health applications, and emergency rescue information operations. We aspire to leverage technology to enhance the quality of life, prompting people to prioritize their health and fostering the growth of a healthy living community. Additionally, we are committed to addressing healthcare issues such as long-term care, dementia in the elderly, and healthcare in rural areas, thereby promoting the development of healthcare information applications and technologies.