Introducing HealthGo Box

HealthGo Box is the solution to the increasing demand for home care. Our portable service eliminates the need for heavy equipment, utilizing cloud technology and mobile devices for convenience. With essential measuring tools like blood pressure monitors and thermometers, coupled with cloud information systems, we ease the burden on patients’ families. Experience seamless home care with HealthGo Box.

One HealthGo Box in hand, you can easily collect various physiological data


Containing various measuring devices and simple medical devices, all can be used independently.


Go paperless, connect fast. Collect diverse health data effortlessly.


Empowering caregivers for patient-centered care, anywhere.


Experience lightweight convenience with rapid, accurate measurements, tailored for care.


Unlock versatile options: Seamlessly integrate with community care apps, cloud hospital platforms, and home care apps for comprehensive mobile services.


Your data is our priority: With top-notch encryption and security measures, we ensure your personal health information remains strictly protected and inaccessible without authorization.