System Features

Real-time Voice Notification of Abnormal Body Temperature

Surface Temperature Measurement

Personnel Identification

Supports Health Insurance Card, ID Card, and Employee Card

High Precision

Temperature deviation ±0.2 °C

Professional Interface Design

User-friendly and easy to operate

Comprehensive Epidemic Prevention, Real-name Registration System

QR Code Questionnaire Submission

Mobile Care Reminders

Integration with Line and email notifications on mobile phones

Integrated Cloud Platform, Your Computer, Mobile Message Alerts From organizations to individuals, suitable for various fields


Bussiness Building





Inside Events


【Product Specifications】
【Environmental Requirements】
【Functional Specifications Introduction】

Six Key Features of the mPHR Surveillance

Precision Measurement, Low-Cost Rapid Deployment, Eliminating Environmental Interference

Low-Cost Rapid Deployment

Priced at only 1/10 of traditional thermal imagers on the market! It offers flexible adaptability to various environments, with high-precision sensors unaffected by surrounding heat sources.

The detection comes with a measurement error of ±0.2°C, completing the measurement in just 0.5 seconds, ensuring hassle-free epidemic prevention for you!

Enrollment, Real-time Visitor Tracking, and Electronic Pass Integration

Temperature Management Enrollment

It allows the import of employee information, supports health insurance cards, ID cards, and employee access cards. The system can identify and record the identity of individuals entering the premises.

Those who pass the temperature measurement will receive a daily pass, streamlining the access application process and saving labor costs. Data can also be exported to manage enrollment, enhancing overall operational efficiency!

Proactive Abnormality Reporting

Integrated Temperature Abnormality Reporting

Instantly sends temperature abnormalities to your email and can be combined with Line notifications, caring messages, and assessment scales. Utilizing mobile notifications, you can stay informed about the temperature status of individuals entering and exiting in real-time!

Built-in Questionnaire Electronic Form

Automated Questionnaire Generation

Designed for various environments, the system automatically generates a QR code for front-desk members to fill out after measurement. You can create flexible health declaration questionnaires, integrating them into the epidemic prevention process, and streamlining non-contact epidemiological investigations in a smart manner!

Automatic Periodic Newsletter Distribution

Cloud Big Data

Measurement data is automatically recorded and uploaded to the cloud, accessible for system-generated reports. Set up email notifications to receive weekly reports on foot traffic and personnel temperature status. Leverage big data to keep a close eye on your operations!

TOCC Automatic Inquiry

Automatic Travel History Inquiry

A module specifically developed for the operation of querying travel history. After inserting the health insurance card, the system automatically retrieves the individual's travel history, adhering to regulations that restrict its use to medical institutions.