Smart Healthcare and Care Experience
For healthcare, behind each piece of data lies a story. When facing health threats, how to apply and extract the inherent value of each data point becomes crucial.

AdvMeds’ solutions are deployed across 12 countries globally.

AdvMeds’ products have been implemented in over 300+ locations.

AdvMeds’ services cater to more than 800,000 users.

Introducing the Executive Team

Advmeds MedInfo specializes in integrating healthcare services through information and communication technology, providing smart solutions to enhance the quality and efficiency of medical and healthcare services. Our clients range from large hospitals and corporations to small communities and individuals. We extend our support globally, from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to Southeast Asia (SEA) and Oceania. We also collaborate with local businesses such as convenience stores, pharmacies, and department stores, helping our partners improve the quality and efficiency of their services, integrating the experience of convenient health into everyday life.

With an average age of around 30, our team is composed of passionate and talented young individuals. Mr. James Huang, the founder and current CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with multiple awards in startup competitions. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Information Engineering at National Cheng Kung University and holds a master's degree in Medical Informatics from Taipei Medical University. The team has extensive experience in the development and promotion of healthcare systems, having been involved in national electronic health record projects, serving as IT advocates for hospitals and non-governmental organizations. We have also participated in various HIV information system projects in Africa and collaborated with the World Health Organization on tuberculosis management initiatives. Our current goal is to leverage Taiwan's successful soft power in healthcare information integration, rallying the Taiwanese healthcare industry to collectively promote and export optimal solutions.

Making a Global Impact

Where there is a need, we go

Advmeds MedInfo is a social enterprise rooted in digital philanthropy, leveraging technology to enhance people's quality of life and address the digital divide in healthcare. We focus particularly on developing healthcare information applications and technological advancements for remote areas, vulnerable populations, and developing countries. In addition to regular training for information professionals in developing countries, we make annual visits to project locations such as Malawi, South Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Through open initiatives, we facilitate the implementation of information applications. We also address domestic issues such as dementia care, solitary care, rural healthcare, and mobile medical missions, developing relevant ICT solutions. 10% of the company's annual surplus is allocated to a special surplus reserve, dedicated to social contributions through donations to charitable organizations and initiatives.

Team Achievements


Award Achievements

Won the 2023 System Integration Export Award (8th Edition)


Award Achievements

Additionally awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Smart City and Rural Life Applications Subsidy Program (Local Trial and International Export)


Award Achievements

Received the 16th Golden Torch Award in 2021.


Product Development

Launched the "mPHR" series - a new product, the Body Temperature Registration Management System (EpidemicGuard).

Award Achievements

Received the 6th IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Awards in the category of Public Health and Health Services for the "Coordinated Smart Healthcare Service Ecosystem Platform" in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Penghu.

Award Achievements

Received the 2020 Kaohsiung Exemplary Enterprise - Outstanding Innovation Leadership Award from the Kaohsiung City Government.

Award Achievements

Received the Enterprise Innovation Award in the 17th National Innovation Awards, Innovative Epidemic Prevention Technology Category, for the "HealthPlus AI Intelligent Epidemic Prevention and Quarantine Gateway."


Office Establishment

Secured Silicon Valley investor funding for the acquisition of a new office, establishing a research and service hub for the Asia-Pacific region.

Product Research and Development

Launched the "mPHR" series of products, including the Health Station, mPHR Cloud, mPHR App, and HealthGo Box.


Received a grant

Awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs Smart City and Rural Life Application Subsidy Program: 'Creating a Smart and Healthy Lifestyle Community – Collaborative Care Application Service.

Project awarded

Selected for the Medical Administration Service Integration Solution/Product Module by the Taiwan National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA).

Received a grant

Received the investment subsidy from the Kaohsiung City Government Economic Development Bureau for the project "Promoting the Development and Training Center of the Southward Medical Information Industry Cluster."


Expand overseas

Service expansion to Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, and other regions.

Award Achievements

The "Smart Health Measurement Station Combined with Coordinated Cloud Ecosystem" was selected for the 14th National Innovation Awards - Corporate Innovation Award.


Location completion or establishment

Established operational headquarters at the 85 Sky Tower in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Cloud Healthcare

miniHIS has officially been renamed mHIS and is now invested in cloud-based virtualized healthcare information system solutions.

Product Research and Development

The team collaborates with Pingtung Christian Hospital and signs a contract with 7-Eleven to invest in the development of the "Health Station."

Product Research and Development

The team is dedicated to entering the medical IoT market and developing the LINKBOX terminal smart box for application in the "Smart Hemodialysis Solution."

Completion of investment

Completion of seed/angel round investment


Award Achievements

Received awards: Advantech Education Foundation TIC100 Innovative Business Model Application Excellence Award、Ministry of Education U-start Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Excellent Team、Epoch Foundation International Youth Entrepreneurship Leadership Program、Fourth Strait Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition、Ministry of Economic Affairs Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Service Certificate Excellence Award

Before Advmeds

Team Dynamics

The team has been involved in various projects, including the establishment of the Comprehensive Emergency Syndrome Detection System in Taipei City, the development of an Electronic Information System for HIV/AIDS in Africa, the development of the TESMART Clinical Decision System, the REDS Rainbow Outpatient System, the Laboratory Information System (LIS), the Cloud Fingerprint Recognition System (UPIS), and participation in the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Business Innovation R&D Project (SIIR) for "Smart Remote Healthcare and Hospital Navigation Service," the Service Business Innovation Voucher Program (SBIV) for "Integrated Medical Appointment Service with Open Cloud Scheduling Channels," and the development of information systems for small hospitals in developing countries (miniHIS).