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The Smart Health Care Station offers measurements such as blood pressure, blood oxygen, forehead temperature, height, and weight. Users can create an account using their National Health Insurance (NHI) card, mobile phone number, EasyCard, or iPASS. With this account, individuals can autonomously manage their health. After completing measurements, the results can be transmitted to the user's or their family members' mobile phones, providing continuous health data records. These records can be used as references during medical consultations to understand health conditions, detect abnormalities early, or adjust medication as needed.

More exclusive services

Video Sharing

Cloud-based video delivery, limitless sharing of new knowledge.

Community Events

Online registration for community-specific events, convenient and fast.

Personal Information

Carry personal medical history and physiological data wherever you go.

Health Education Hub

Government-approved health education, zero gaps in health education.


Flexible questionnaire assessments, a new concept in precise healthcare.

Data Integration

Comprehensive API and SDK development packages for seamless integration with your systems.

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