What is LINKBOX?

The traditional operational processes in clinical settings, where healthcare personnel are burdened with manual documentation of various forms, are time-consuming and labor-intensive. This not only reduces the time available for interactions and care with patients and their families but also hinders effective communication due to the lack of sufficient time for healthcare providers. The inefficiency in these processes not only results in a lack of productivity but also limits the time available for meaningful patient communication.

The LinkBox is a platform developed using the Android system. It establishes a platform that, through integration with health insurance, RFID cards, barcodes, and various communication ports such as USB, RS232, RJ45, WIFI/3G/LTE, can create various information applications and platforms based on user contexts. It provides a simple and fast way to automatically store device data, eliminating the need for manual transcription by healthcare personnel and reducing errors caused by manual processes. It can interface with existing physiological measurement devices without the need to replace the original equipment, lowering the implementation threshold. It simplifies the patient identification process, enhances patient recognition, and improves medical safety. By integrating healthcare processes, it increases the efficiency of healthcare personnel.

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System Features

Minimum cost, incremental upgrades

Installation and usage are possible as long as the device has a transmission interface, without the need to purchase new existing medical equipment