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In the past 20 years, the integration of various information applications with healthcare has allowed us to enjoy a more convenient lifestyle. However, it has also led to the challenge of managing and utilizing a vast amount of clinical data. The revolution of smart healthcare involves extensively leveraging various health information technologies to enable healthcare providers to enhance innovative experiences in individual, community, and public health, all while ensuring secure use and information sharing.

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Cloud-based Hospital System Build your personalized healthcare system in just one second

Smart Cloud Health Ecosystem Building a Health Management Infrastructure Solution.

Medical Equipment Internet of Things (IoT) Infrastructure for Healthcare Equipment Big Data.


No matter where you are, with the mScheduler platform, you can quickly schedule appointments at your favorite clinics and choose suitable times, reducing unnecessary wait times.

Smart Appointment Booking App

Providing users with real-time access to waiting room queue status, appointment scheduling, and in-house clinic information. Additionally, customizable notification settings allow users to receive timely alerts for their scheduled appointment times.

Symptom Shot

Offering a more efficient way for clinical collaboration, you can easily capture symptoms through a mobile app, and annotate key areas, facilitating collaboration in relevant medical scenarios.

mPHR Surveillance

Supporting unmanned body temperature measurement registration, enabling quick identification of individuals through health insurance cards, employee cards, EasyCards, etc. It also allows for setting up abnormality notifications and institutional analysis through big data dashboards.

mPHR HealthGo Box

The Enjoy Health Mobile Kit integrates various measurement devices, utilizes cloud technology, and allows mobility through mobile devices. Combined with a cloud information system, it significantly reduces the burden on home caregivers or family members.

Peripheral Devices

Advanced MedTech is a trusted equipment supplier. We have secured a joint procurement contract through the 2024 innovation acquisition. Organizations are welcome to inquire about collaboration opportunities.

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